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Our compassionate team at Vierra provides added support in allowing family members and caregivers a feeling of security through both respite care

and hospice care.

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​Respite Care is a short stay, allowing family members and caregivers a feeling of security in knowing their loved one’s care needs will be met while they are away.


In many cases, respite care residents are awarded an elevated level of independence as appropriate therapy services can be offered coterminously with their expected stay duration. Additionally, our Respite Care services have been rather helpful in determining whether residential long term skilled nursing care is the right choice for you or your loved one. 


Vierra offers Hospice Care through various community-based organizations in addition to our compassionate team of caregivers.


Hospice can provide an added team of support including additional nurse visits to help address pain relief, symptom management, and counseling services for terminally ill residents and their families.  We understand the difficult decision families must face when choosing Hospice or Palliative care. 


Our Director of Nursing can provide you with the right amount of support and information to help you decide whether Hospice or Palliative care services at Vierra is right for you.

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